what happened?

i used to post daily updates on my other blog make or learn. i stopped because the quality of each post was diminishing by each day. also i had a hard time concentrating due to recent health developments (nothing life threatening, but i’m usually in too much pain by the end of the day to do anything).

i’m taking a step back for now and rethinking how i can share something consistently with a balance of quality and quantity.

substance b2m

it’s my first time using substance b2m. it’s pretty interesting because i came up with this workflow (i didn’t invent it) way back when i was in high school making counter-strike levels in worldcraft (a.k.a valve hammer editor). i took my ridiculously big late 90’s digital camera that my uncle gave me and took 640×480 photos of walls of my school and put it into my level of the school. it was tedious to adjust the colors to be neutral and to tile the texture in photoshop

now with this tool, it makes things a lot easier. just load in the images, adjust a few settings, and boom, you have a pbr texture ready to go. kind of wish they made this tool a long time ago.

pretty exciting. i’m planning my next japan trip and i’m debating whether i should spend some time taking pictures of “walls”. not sure if that would be a huge waste of my time or would be totally worth it in the future.

you can check out my learning progress on my other blog