what the fuck, microsoft?

i installed office. then, i’ve been getting random minimizing while playing overwatch. even when i’m not playing overwatch, i see a random command prompt appear for less than half a second. after googling for hours, it turns out it’s microsoft office’s scheduled tasks that does random background tasks by launching a fucking command prompt window.

here’s the fix if you happened to be in the same position.

steam controller + unreal engine confusion

update: scroll down for the solution

i’m trying to get steam controller working with unreal engine. but there’s so much confusion as to how to actually get this setup.

first problem: you have to go into this fucking steam big picture mode to access the preferences for steam controller. so here i am on my laptop going into a “big picture” mode. how was i supposed to know this? only way is to google this shit.

second problem: the steam controller by default emulates your “mouse” for your desktop. the problem is, when i run the unreal engine demo, the steam controller still seems to be acting like my mouse and not acting as a gamepad. i tried disabling this desktop mouse emulation, but i’m still unable to use the controller in the unreal engine game.

third problem: so i turns how i have to add “steam controller” support plugin. i enabled it, and it still isn’t receiving input.

fourth problem: steam now officially supports ps4 controller…but wait, did sony team up with valve to add native ps4 support? or can unreal engine access the ps4 controller? if i need to go through valve, does this mean i need steam to be on in order to use the ps4 controller in unreal engine? if so, do i need to be in big picture mode?

fifth problem: i tried googling how to get steam controller working in unreal engine, the top answers point me to old answers regarding “steamworks”. it looks like i have to integrate steam works into unreal engine. epic mentioned there some legal bullshit where they can’t update their built in steamworks integration and so it’s left up to the developers to manually update steamworks. and i really don’t feel like setting up some more bullshit for steam controller to be integrated at the moment

sixth problem: seeing preferences for steam controller inside big picture mode is ridiculous. yes, it’s super customizable, but holy shit there’s fucking billions of different controls and preferences that you can change. i don’t really want to take the time to figure this shit out. i get it, some people love “trackball” mode mouse emulation, some do not. but man, at least re-do the ui to make it easier to change shit. or at the very least don’t make me go into big picture mode every single time i need to change something.


obviously steam controller was designed by engineers and not actual “product’ guys. i just wish they put a little “apple” magic and just have one or two ways of doing things.

one thing i do agree on with valve is the touch pad inputs. i never liked thumbstick controls to control first person shooters. touch pad input is the only way to make gamepads just as good as keyboard + mouse for fps games. props for valve for not making just another controller.


finally got it to work. you must add “UE4Editor.exe” as a non-steam game into your steam library, launch the editor, then click play. ps4 controller + steam controller now works.